Presenta el primer drop de NFTs de Federico Schott

La casa de los NFTs de Federico Schott lanzados por Ladrón


Nos encontramos frente a la consumación mercantíl intangible del lenguaje digital, donde la relación simbiótica entre el medio y el mensaje alcanza un nuevo pico. Drop #1 [Luxuria] es una serie de 3 NFTs realizados y presentados por Federico Schott en colaboración con Ladrón Galería, que busca aproximar nuevas formas de consumo y valoración para cuestionar el lujo innecesario y el daño del capitalismo al entendimiento de la vida, el contexto en el cual esta misma sucede y la estética de la tensión entre las necesidades artificiales y sus repercusiones sociales y ambientales. Una copa de champagne en un vuelo de primera clase [Fly Emirates (Dom Perignon Remix)], la vorágine de una cafetera [Vortex01.mp4] y una rama tridimensional con espinas [título] son la representación de estas inquietudes, experimento de alcance desconocido que afronta otro hecho económico de valor ambivalente: la colección.

How to become the owner of a Federico Schott/Ladrón NFT

1. Open a cryptocurrency account at Binance (US and Europe) or Bitso (Mexico)
2. Deposit money into your Binance or Bitso account. For Binance, you can use a debit or credit card. For Bitso, you can transfer money from your checking account using a CLABE that Bitso provides or you can go to OXXO and deposit using OXXO Pay (make sure you understand the daily amount limits for both approaches). Once you’ve deposited, you will need to transfer your cash into Ethereum (Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform and Ether is the cryptocurrency that is the fuel of this blockchain based platform).
3. Once you have Ether in your Binance or Bitso account, open a MetaMask account, make sure you are using Chrome as a browser. MetaMask will add an extension to your browser, a red fox icon on the top right corner, this will be your Ether wallet. When you create your wallet, MetaMask will give you a “secret backup phrase” this is a collection of 12 random words that are essential to backing up and restoring your account. Make sure you capture or write down these words in a safe place. Anyone with access to them could take away your Ether forever.
4. Your MetaMask wallet has an account number/address. You will go back to your Binance or Bitso and transfer all your Ether to this wallet account number. It will cost you some of your money to transfer as “gas”, it will be clearly deducted.
5. After some minutes, a positive Ether balance should be reflected on the MetaMask pop-up on your browser, no you can go bid on the Federico Schott/Ladrón NFT.
6. Visit click on buy now or bid and place your bid, the cost will have a “gas” fee for the token to be transferred to you. The transaction will have a contract number.
7. You can check the status of your contract on
8. Once confirmed, you will be the proud owner of a Federico Schott/Ladrón NFT.

Federico (Torreón, 1976) has been exploring the tension between the needs of the human spirit and our contemporary profit-obsessed capitalist system through a variety of media, his work expands digital creation, drawing, painting, filmmaking and the ready-made. Federico started off as a designer at Benetton’s research center in Italy at the end of the last century, went on to become creative director for various media outlets in the US including Wired Magazine and NBC/Universal, he later spent more than a decade as a consultant at some of the world’s top management consulting firms until recently. He is now focused on his exploration of organic systems for the new human in post-pandemic times.